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The Legacy Classic Kids collection is a sophisticated nursery collection for babies and toddlers. Our nursery furniture variety is very practically designed, to ensure baby protection as well as taking care of the baby item storage needs. The well constructed pieces offer a lot of drawers and shelves for storing your babies stuff, while displaying a very classic and chic style to match the nursery interior décor. Now you do not have to worry about waiting to find out the baby’s gender. This collection has very gorgeous cribs, baby dressers, antique dressing tables, antique cupboards and much more in neutral colors to match the baby nursery room walls and carpeting. The cribs are high, with very high fences that are well fixed to protect your child. The cribs are easily movable and lightweight, in case you feel like shifting the room. While the dressers are very stunning with contrasting and comfortable colors, suitable for babies, the drawers are just as amazing. Inspired by vintage designs, these drawers are antique and have very wide and spacious drawers to accommodate all your child’s accessories. The furniture wood is carefully polished and made smooth to avoid any nicks or scratches when the baby moves. The paint and finish that is used is lead free. This collection also has a classic looking night stand for the bedside, which has drawers and is easily movable too. So, if you have a baby or are expecting one, then this nursery collection has all the furniture items for your needs. Please check out the details on our website for more variety.