Leander Wardrobe Armoire

Your child’s bedroom is a haven. A place where your child can play with toys and be imaginative. But, a child’s bedroom is probably also one of the most difficult rooms in your home to keep neat and tidy. It should be a place for creativity and fun. And at the same time, a place that is easy to keep tidy.

The wardrobe offers you space to hang your child’s clothes. And you can even place a couple of storage boxes at the bottom of the wardrobe. In the drawer there is plenty of room for toys, books and cars. Or socks and hats.

Whether a red cape, princess dress or a warm coat, the Leander wardrobe has room for a little bit of this and that. The wardrobe is decorated with a shelf and a hanger rail that offer you numerous storage possibilities. When your child is young and the clothes small, you can use the bottom of the wardrobe for extra space for storage boxes or toys. Which often comes handy in a child’s bedroom.

No sharp edges. The wardrobe is designed with the characteristic soft, round Leander edges. Soft-close drawer. No squeezed fingers.

The best way to experience the Leander wardroom is to visit your local Leander retailer. Find your retailer now. Call in advance and make sure they have it in their showroom.

H: 185 cm, W: 94 cm, D: 55 cm
Available in white
Supplied with hanger rail, shelf and soft-close drawer
Soft-close drawer
Made of MDF
Finished with water-based lacquer

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