Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your stores located?

Kids Only Furniture has three stores in convenient locations across the Los Angeles area. You can view our beautiful selection of beds, desks, and more at any of the following locations:

Kids Only Furniture Santa Monica
1454 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Kids Only Furniture Upland
1348 W 7th St,
Upland, CA 91786

Can I order furniture online?

At Kids Only Furniture, we do not make our products available online. We find that many families want to customize their furniture to meet the exact specifications of their children’s rooms, and we find that this process is much easier when a family makes their purchase in person. However, you can learn a lot about our inventory through our online showroom, like the brand, the materials, and all of our customization options.

This furniture seems a little heavy for a kid’s room. Is solid wood furniture worth it?

There are many benefits to solid wood furniture in a kid’s room. It looks great and it turns a room into a haven for your child. Also, beautiful solid wood pieces are much safer (and free from harmful chemicals) than the cheaply-made particle board pieces like you find in most stores today. Solid wood furniture is built to withstand anything!

Can I bring my kids with me when I shop at Kids Only Furniture?

Absolutely! A kid’s room should be their ideal space, so why not let them pick out what makes them happy? At Kids Only Furniture, we encourage families to bring the kids along so they can try out our products and find the pieces that speak to them. This way, you can get your child something that you’re sure they’ll love! Let them jump and play and put our furniture through its paces.

How long does it take for pieces to be crafted, shipped, and delivered?

Just like our prices, we cannot give customers a definitive timeline for delivery. Crafting and shipping times vary depending on the furniture you purchase and the level of customization you request. However, if you visit one of our stores and work with our staff to determine your exact furniture needs, we should be able to give you a delivery timeline estimate based on your specifications. Note that we can only provide shipping to California with few exceptions.

Kid’s bedding is an important investment. What should I consider when buying a mattress for my kid’s room?

When you are buying a mattress for a child, consider these two things: it should give your child spinal support throughout the night, and it should be chemical-free. At Kids Only Furniture, we only offer sturdy mattresses that are free of chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so you and your child can sleep soundly. You can learn more about our mattresses by clicking here.

What steps does Kids Only Furniture take to ensure that each piece of furniture is safe?

Kids Only Furniture prides ourself on our safe, well-made pieces. In fact, our furniture is made to meet several safety certifications, including:

  • JPMA- Certified
  • GreenGuard
  • Certi-PUR
  • ASTM certification

These certifications prove that our products are a cut above your average kid’s furniture. When you buy a crib, bed, or bureau from us, you can be sure that you are investing in something safe, sturdy, chemical-free, and built to last.