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Maxtrix® Furniture was established in 2004, with a Simple Mission: To make quality kids’ furniture we would have wanted to have when we were children.

Being parents ourselves, we see well that kid’s requirements and inclinations change rapidly. Ordinarily we have acquired costly toys or furniture for our kids just to need to dispose of them a couple of months after the fact. This essentially did not sound good to us. We likewise saw that numerous kids’ rooms did not have the space, usefulness and the motivation to completely appreciate the most basic years of advancement. Imagining, having investigating are not just influence of the delights of being a youngster – they are imperative practices that offer children some assistance with growing into imaginative, all around adjusted grown-ups.

So taking into account our European outline sensibilities, years of involvement in the furniture business and our conviction that a superb and additional safe bit of furniture can, and ought to be reused, we made another line of furniture, as well in general new idea to the kids’ furniture market – another brand called Maxtrix®!

We have included parcels and loads of fun extras, outline choices and down to earth extra’s to offer you some assistance with creating the ideal environment for your kids. On the off chance that it’s a super fun indoor play area, complete with a slide and stronghold tower, a durable cot that withstands years of play, or an incredible study hang that helps your youngster spotlight on their up and coming exams – these choices can be made from the first Maxtrix® bed they began with. Awesome quality, re-usable, creative, and super-safe.

For our family, this was the arrangement we were searching for – We hope it fits flawlessly for your family as fits our’s.