Customizable Bunk Beds

Customizable bunk beds offer efficient ways to create a fun place for your children to sleep while saving space. The average size of bedrooms has been getting smaller in Southern California over the years. So it’s important to keep your little ones happy and healthy with clean, open living spaces while they’re growing up. Whether you’re in the market for a twin over twin, twin over full, full over full, or a twin XL over queen, we have bunk beds designed for children of all ages.

Discover Kids Only Furniture

At Kids Only Furniture, we stand behind the idea that a healthy rooms help cultivate healthy children. That is why we design our customizable bunk beds with your family’s needs in mind. We offer the option to modify pieces upon your request. Thus, we have one of the largest selections of natural wood bunk beds for kids in the Los Angeles area. Our valued customers can opt for personalized details like finishes and storage options with almost every purchase while investing in solid pieces completed with non-toxic paints.

We’re Here to Help

We understand that raising kids with limited space in Los Angeles isn’t always easy. So we offer customizable bunk beds made with eco-friendly materials you can use to save space. Given that we carry a range of kids bunk beds with storage, you can also use these beds to organize your kids’ clothes and toys. You can do this without losing valuable floor or closet space. We hope you’ll stop by one of our local shops.  Also give us a call to discuss the many ways you can make the most of your living space in with children’s bunk beds, mattresses, and more.