Natart Juvenile Belmont Collection

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The Belmont Collection has a stately and solid arrival and rests on intricategrand feet with suits both your prince and princess with100% solid wood collection. Has anelegant humble stylishness, whicheffortlessly interlocks with both contemporary and old-style decor.
Belmont collection provides three beautiful color finishes: walnut, linen, cocoa, dusk, French white and stone grey.The French white finish is emphasized by pearlescent silver metal pulls, which are introduced from Italy. The sunken and covered back panel on the dresser strengthens unit’s construction. The self-closing, slow motion, anti-pinch drawer glides have protection locks and lifetime warranty. The drawer cannot be banged shut.Belmont collection made in Canada.
The Belmont Collection comes in both traditional and modern décor. It has a countless of patches to choose from. Effortlesslychange from baby, to preschool, to teenage and it will confidentlyescort your little one into her or his college years.