Natart Juvenile Ithaca Collection

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Natart Juvenile was inspired by the royal feel of Mediterranean architecture and majestic poems; the oak Ithaca Collection incorporates modern lines, antique knobs, etched drawer fascia, top dentil reliefs and notched kick plates. Ithaca exhibits Natart’s new-brushed finish technique, which was inspired by the calm snow-covered Canadian landscape.
Kids Only Furniture offers Ithaca Double Dresser and “5-in-1″ Convertible Cribs, both made from 100% solid oak. Double dresser features 6-inch deep drawers with French dovetail, which provides increased strength. And the “5-in-1″ Convertible Cribs is accented by chic top moldings exhibiting a dentil relief and intricate routing, a charmingly framed back panel, and an open notched kick plate.

Available in three new finishes: owl, mink and sugar cane, as well as the classic white.