Glenna Jean

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Glenna Jean, a family business for more than 35 years, has practical experience in delicate textured fabrics and hand-fixed sheet material. Our broad fabric stock incorporates cut velvets, corduroys, jacquards, dupioni, woven cottons, weavings and rich trimmings assembled from over the globe. Join that with our complete line of planning extras and your child’s nursery will be changed into the delicate, warm, sustaining environment that children need.

We offer a differing accumulation of newborn child, twin and full sheet material intended to fulfill your own particular special taste and your infant’s requirement for solace and security. Since the greater part of our sewing happens in the United States, we can nearly screen its quality and development to present to you the best made item available utilizing the most astounding string tally fabrics. What’s more, in light of the fact that our item is planned locally, our examples are pattern driven so you have admittance to the most recent design hues and styles for an additional exceptional nursery.

Our complete line of adornments develop with your tyke. This makes the move from a nursery to a baby room a simple one. Just change over the den to an overnight boardinghouse the nursery materials with our organizing twin and full sheet material. The lights, floor covering, divider stylistic theme, window medicines, pads and divider shading will coordinate and don’t should be overhauled.

So from our family to yours, we’d like to say “thank you for picking Glenna Jean”. You can relish realizing that you have admittance to the best composed, most astounding quality sheet material available.* When you buy a Glenna Jean lodging bedding set, you are acquiring an affectionately handmade item with a rich history, still gladly made in America, in the heart of notable Petersburg, Virginia.