High-Quality Kids Loft Beds in Los Angeles

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Kids Loft Beds Los Angeles

How fun it would have been to hike a staircase with a handrail in your own room? Now it’s possible with an endless variety of bed options such as stair loft beds, student loft beds and more. Because they are mattress-ready with a comprehensive slat system they are very safe.

Different Types of Loft Beds

With a twin or full lower bed that rolls on casters is an additional option. Drawers on side-mounted Euro guides are combined into the steps. The bottom drawer is a rolling box that doubles as a trundle and big spacious storage, substitutable desk and stair ends. The desk also rotates to allow for studying under an upper bed. The drawer bottoms are solid wood tongue-in-groove built. Top loft beds Los Angeles are constructed using Eco-friendly hardwood.

Because our top loft beds have the option of adding a desk or dresser you can customize them as you want. Select from a huge range of comfortable, well-designed full loft beds. Furthermore, Top loft beds are available in beautiful Espresso, Navy Blue, and Winter White finishes.