Tween Room Furniture


tween room furniture

The tweens are a tenuous phase of self-discovery and development, and there’s no better way to facilitate the transition that by getting Kids Only Furniture & Accessories specialized tween room furniture. We offer a wide range of furniture that is both fun and mature, to be geared to your tween boys and girl. Come check out our tween room furniture and enjoy a joint creative redecorating spree.

As your child reaches the pivotal tween years, they usually want their room to be less focused around play as it used to be. They want to explore different hobbies and different themes in their space. They may want to make their room more of a serious space where they can focus and reflect. They may want to make their space carry a certain vision they either came up with or got from one of their favorite books, movies, or series.

Tween bedroom remodeling is an important transition. The amazing thing about it is, your child is really old enough to take a responsible role in their room decoration. Help them facilitate their changes by bringing them by our store.

Kids Only Furniture has a wide supply of tween room furniture to help make your kids’ visions for their room come to life. this transition fun and easy. We have a wide range of desks and other tween office furniture to establish a serious office space. Our wide range of accessories makes it fun to transition into slightly more adult decorative pieces, as well. We have a wide supply of more mature, fun tween bedding options, as well. So come get all the tween furniture you could need.

Tweens also become more sensitive to their comfort needs at this age, and might be interested in more comfortable mattresses. One of our specialties is eco-friendly American-made mattresses, with tween comfort in mind – all at amazing prices. This is a great thing to have in mind for your tween room ideas.

Our Los Angeles location has a wide range of tween room furniture in supply, including:

  • Twin Size Beds
  • Full Size Beds
  • Queen Size Beds
  • Dressers and Mirrors
  • Nightstands
  • Chests
  • Daybeds
  • Glider Chairs
  • Book Shelves
  • Armoires
  • Desks and Hutches
  • Night Stands
  • Media and Chests
  • Bunk beds
  • Daybed

We also feature an excellent selection of complimentary accessories, including:

  • Tween bedding sets
  • Storage benches
  • Fun lighting fixtures

We provide the highest quality kids furniture at the most competitive and affordable prices.  We carry a spectrum of products ranging from brand names, to locally manufactured tween room furniture, to luxury brands.

Our family owned and operated one-stop shop children’s furniture store boasts 7,000 square feet of baby furniture, kids furniture, tween room furniture, teenager furniture, and an assortment of accessories. This is the ideal place for you and your tween to visit and come for tween room furniture.

Check out Kids Only Furniture & Accessories today and discover a wide range of tween room furniture and accessories.