9 Unique Kids’ Desk Ideas for a Creative Child

kids desk ideas

A kid’s desk should foster creativity and be a place of comfort! Here are some amazing kids’ desk ideas to incorporate into your child’s desk.

When you’re parenting a creative child, a simple table and chair won’t cut it. You need to capture their flourishing imaginations by creating a desk space as exciting as their minds.

Not only does this spark their creativity, but it makes learning fun. School-aged children get to do their homework somewhere exciting and inspirational.

Embrace your child’s creative side by giving them a desk to match. Here are 9 unique kids’ desk ideas for your little ones to learn on.   

1. Pegboard Organization

What kind of supplies does your kiddo like to be creative with? They could have paints, paintbrushes, clay, pencil crayons, construction paper, and much more.

That’s a lot of supplies that can get disorganized in a drawer.

Instead, place a pegboard against the wall behind the desk. Add shelves, cups, and containers for each of the supplies to go. They can organize their supplies exactly how they like because the pegboard is customizable.

2. Princesses Need to Study, Too

If your child has an affinity for Disney Princesses, a princess desk is exactly what they need.

What kind of desk suits a princess? One with girly and feminine filigree, curves, and delicate handles. Something like the Alexandria Student Desk would be perfect.

Consider attaching mesh cloth to the middle of the top shelf and pull it apart like curtains. This gives the desk a magic carriage vibe that all princesses love.

3. Race to the Books

Is your kid always on the go? Perhaps they show their creativity on the racetrack with their Hot Wheels or outside on their bike.

Capture their attention and interest by giving them a Race Car Collection Desk.

Not only does this make their homework more fun, but it adds to their racing themed bedroom. Throw some tires on the sides and you’ve got an indoor Formula One.

4. Built-in Storage for Supplies

Children with a passion for art often have lots of supplies to use. They also have examples of their work they’d like to display.

A desk with built-in storage is the way to go.

The shelves are perfect for organizing craft materials. And, a bulletin board under the bottom shelf can display their recent masterpieces.

Just remember that bulletin boards that use pushpins could be a hazard for young children. Consider using a magnetic board in front of the corkboard until they’re old enough.  

5. Go Industrial for the Architect-To-Be

Some kids have an eye for angles and construction. They often enjoy drawing, math, and solving-problems.

There’s nothing like an Industrial Student Desk for mini architects.

The black metal frame has a masculine feel and the wood top brings in a natural element. It’ll look trendy in any room of your house since industrial chic is in style right now.

Plus, one side of the desk is on wheels. You can easily move it to different spots until you decide where it should go. Or, just let your child move it around based on their creative intuition!

6. Designate a Creative Nook

There’s something so exciting about having a clubhouse when you’re a kid. It’s a space that’s just for you and is hidden from everyone else.

The Loft Bed with a desk underneath creates that clubhouse vibe.

Not only is it super fun to sleep on the top bunk, but the lower desk area feels like its own room. Add curtains at the base of the top bunk to give the study area more privacy. Just remember to install task lighting for homework.

You can create a similar vibe by installing a built-in desk in the space under the stairs. This area is often underutilized and makes an excellent study spot.

7. Colors Everywhere

Sometimes, a basic wooden desk is all your child needs. Then, they can use their creativity to transform it into their dream desk.

That could mean painting it in a rainbow of colors. Or, painting the desk one color and the chair another. They may even want to add feathers, sequins, and pipe cleaners.

Consider giving your child the reigns to create a desk they’re proud to work at. Sure, a desk covered in poorly drawn Paw Patrol characters is an eyesore. But it’ll be in their bedroom and it can always be painted over later!

8. Get Creative Outdoors

Kids spend way too much time indoors these days. Although they still need to do their homework, they can do that outside.

If you have a backyard shed or gazebo, turn it into an outdoor office.

You could add a student desk, an easel, and any other creative tools they need. There could even be a grown-up desk so you can work outside, too.

Getting fresh air is important for healthy brain functioning. Use under-utilized outdoor space for studying and creating.

9. Dollhouse Inspiration

The last unique kids’ desk idea is for all those kids who love playing with dolls. They enjoy making up stories, getting them dressed, and organizing their furniture.

For your child’s next desk, choose one with storage shelves above it. On the top shelf, install a dollhouse roof. This makes the shelving look like a dollhouse.

Your child will love setting up the dollhouse on the shelves and moving around furniture. You could even buy scrapbook paper to look like wallpaper and felt to become carpets.

Consider letting your child build furniture from household items, like tissue boxes. This stimulates their creativity and is something you can do together.  

Interested in Trying One of These Kids’ Desk Ideas?

Children are bursting with curiosity, excitement, and creativity. It’s crucial we don’t squander their imagination but teach them to use it constructively.

Having a special desk just for them can help them cultivate their creative skills.

If you’re interested in using one of the unique kids’ desk ideas above, check out these desks in our online store!