Bunking 101: The Top Benefits of Bunk Beds

bunk beds

If your kids are begging for bunk beds, you may want to cave into their wishes. Read on to learn the top benefits of bunk beds.

So your kids are begging you for bunk beds. And you’re thinking: ut bunk beds just aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as you’d like for their adorable rooms. They’re bulky and often very simple. And they belong at camp where you sleep with at least your fair sure of dirt from the day. 

But think again. Because bunk beds are actually on trend. They’re not only cool in kids’ bedrooms but they’re cool in boutique hotels round the globe as well.

So there are some pretty good-looking bunk beds being made and with eco-friendly materials no less. Plus, for your kids, there are some really fun and cute styles!

And they’re super practical and much more. Let’s take a look at all the benefits. Especially if your kids won’t let up about the one-two-fun punch that is bunk beds. 

Keep reading to find out why you may want to cave to your kids’ wishes. And then have fun shopping for the styles you love too!

Bunk Beds Save Space

If you need two beds in one room, having one on top of the other gives you a single or double bed’s worth of extra space. Actually, it’s a little bit more because if you have a single bed on the floor you need space around it to get in and out.

You Can Fit More Kids in Fewer Rooms

If you have more kids than you have rooms in your home, bunk beds let you put more kids in few rooms. This can save you money because you can have a home with fewer rooms.

Or it can be a solution if your dream home has fewer rooms and you haven’t yet been able to add on. You might even find you don’t want to with the bunk bed solution.

Bunk Beds Help Siblings Bond

They may fight if they’re in the same room, but they also usually form a tighter bond. What’s great about the bunk bed is that if kids want their own space, they can go to their own bunk and it’ll feel separate.

Bunk Beds Often Have Extra Storage Space

There are so many fun bunk bed styles, and many come with drawers. This is practical, of course, for clothes, but kids love it too because they can put their stuff in there too.

Bunk Beds Are Fun

Sometimes it’s just all about the joy kids get from a bunk bed. Even if you just have one kid, a bunk bed can bring happiness!

Kids love to switch up where they’re sleeping. They love climbing up and down the ladder. They love playing games up on the top bunk.

It’s like having a clubhouse or a fort! They can also get creative and add on to the “fort” by covering it with a blanket. The sky’s the limit, and so is the ceiling.

Also, if you have a bunk bed for one get, it’s great for sleepovers with friends. 

Bunk Beds Can Add a New Flavor to a Room

As we mentioned, bunk bed style is in so you can get some really wonderful looks that can make a room look fabulous! 

You can get a plain white one, for example, and dress it up with sheets that match the rest of the room or that your kid just loves. You can get white with colorful drawers or get a custom bunk bed in the perfect fun color (like we do!)

Have fun with this! You can think about themes and colors that will really make your kid’s room pop. Color can impact mood so think about that when you choose. For example, green is a color that brings on the feeling of calm.

Bunk Beds Are Eco-Friendly

You can get bunk beds made with all-natural materials (like ours!). This makes for a healthy environment at home so you can breathe easily, literally.

Bunk Beds Can Grow With Your Kids

Older kids love bunk beds too. You can repaint and sometimes rearrange the bed to fit your kids’ styles as they grow into preteens and teens.

Their tastes change but their bed can go along for the ride and match the new favorite looks.

College Students Love Bunk Beds Too

There are some great bunk beds that you can convert into a loft bed and put a desk underneath. This is great for college-age kids living at home or in their own first apartment.

Bunk Beds Are Great in the Guestroom

Put a stylish bunk bed in the guest room. This way you can have multiple guests and still have space to use the room as an office or workspace.

Look for some of the all-natural material beds that are more stylish. Or paint the one that your kids no longer use!

Bunk Beds Are Great in a Vacation Cottage or Cabin

Bunk beds are a great economical way to furnish a holiday home or rental. They look nice and are so functional with the extra space they leave and the storage options with the drawers.

Bunk Beds Are Waiting for You

Now that you know how fabulous bunk beds can be, it’s time for you to start shopping. This is the fun part because there are plenty of great styles out there and you can really make your kids’ room a wonderful space.

Take a look what we have in kids bunk beds and then give us a call for more options if you don’t see the perfect one yet. Because we make custom bunk beds too! We want you and your kids to be happy and are here to help.