Decor Under Four: 8 Adorable and Trendy Toddler Room Ideas

toddler room ideas

Using a little money and a lot of creativity, you can decorate your child’s bedroom with ease! Creating a magical space for your little ones can be fun and rewarding for both you and them. There are ways to have a practical yet playful room designed to inspire anyone who enters the room.

You want your toddler’s bedroom decor to reflect their tastes and interests but also to look great as part of your home. You can invest in signature pieces, make subtle updates with paint and so much more to spruce up the room. Here are eight affordable and trendy toddler room ideas you can start today!

1. Play With Color

Re-designing a toddler’s bedroom is an opportunity to play around with different colors and paint. Curate a color palette that can bring every element of the room together. If there’s a ton of toys in the room, add those dominant colors to the palette to help balance things out.

Pastels and primary colors are typical go-tos, but don’t rule out bold, unconventional colors either. Or instead of painting the entire room a solid color, go for more than one. Feature a set of colors that compliment each other, such as three different shades of blue.

Painter’s tape works wonders to help create visually striking effects. This also eliminates the need for too many decorations. You can keep it simple or you can go crazy with color — don’t be afraid to experiment!

2. Display Their Art

You can manifest tons of kid room ideas through incorporating artwork. Mix and match kid-friendly pieces of art with more-modern creations. Think quirky graphics, bold abstracts, and colorful prints that can be easily swapped over the years.

Does your child have a personal hobby he or she treasures? Display their passion in the form of hanging art! Frame their drawings or hang up their old tennis rackets to create a beautiful, unique vignette above the bed. Keep the item in a reachable spot in case they need regular access to it.

3. Build Or Buy A Bookshelf

Displaying books is great toddler room decor as it gives children easy access to educational entertainment. It’s also a very easy way to fill empty space without spending a ton. Find a solid bookshelf online or install a bookshelf on the wall to save additional space.

Another idea is to use old, tattered books as art supplies for a mini-project. Tear out the old pages and glue them onto cardboard letters you can find at the craft store. Then spell out something using the pretty letters and display it next to the book collection!

4. Invest In Wallpaper

A fun, graphic print can make a statement in a toddler’s bedroom and wallpaper makes it all possible! You can focus on adding wallpaper to one wall and leave the remaining walls neutral. Adding wallpaper to only one wall saves you money, too!

Another cost-effective approach to wallpapering is by covering only the ceiling. This works for any bedroom but is especially great for slanted ceilings. That way the pattern can help draw the eye upwards and accent the unique architecture of the bedroom.

5. Add Leafy Houseplants

Houseplants serve as their own piece of art while also bringing life to any dull space. Consider the placement of the plant (or plants) and where it can grow without issues. For example, a low profile leafy plant works best close to the window to get enough sunlight.

Plants also make for a great learning experience for both you and your children! Wherever you shop for plants, remember to ask questions about any maintenance or toxicity it may have. You should be able to find a variety of plants at a low cost.

6. Get Craft And Start Sewing

Add new colors and patterns on your own by whipping out the sewing machine! Switch out textiles, like on throw pillows, and cover old patterns with new fabric. There’s no need to dish out extra money on a new collection of pillows. 

Feeling inspired? Take it up a notch and sew new curtains, blankets, seat cushions or even bedding. Nothing’s stopping you from unleashing your creative side and repurposing what you already have!

7. Paint Old Furniture

Another repurposing tip is to paint and refurbish older furniture. That old, rickety treasure chest can become a new storage unit after a fresh coat of paint to liven it up. Consider colors like coral or mustard yellow for a kid-friendly aesthetic.

Painting older pieces is also a lot cheaper than painting an entire room. You can turn it into a project with your kid, allowing them to add a few signature paint strokes too. You’ll have a new unique piece for your toddler bedroom at a very low cost.

8. Use A Themed Bed

Themed toddler beds can completely transform a toddler bedroom while also transitioning your child from a crib to a bigger bed. For a more modern toddler bed, try a nautical sailor design aesthetic. Pair a deep blue bed and a pop color with bright red hairpin legs. 

For a nature-loving child, why not purchase a loft bed that gives a treehouse effect? You can complete the look with a painted tree on the wall, roll-up windows, and wooden planks on the ceiling.

Have Fun Creating Toddler Room Ideas

Believe it or not, you can easily transform a bedroom with only a few small changes. Or if you’re looking to completely redo the bedroom, there are plenty of ideas to seek inspiration from. Consider any of these toddler room ideas before taking on the project and watch your child’s room become their favorite space to be in!

Do you still need a bit more convincing? Check out everything we offer to make your toddler’s room the coolest room in the house!