Rooms for Two: Design Tips to Make the Most of a Shared Kids Room

rooms for two

When it comes to sharing a room, the first thing many parents think about is all the issues. Will your kids fight? Do they need their own space?

How will you organize the chaos of two kids and their belongings?

But rooms for two kids don’t have to be a headache. You can make even a small space work for two or more kids if you know how to organize and you teach your kids to keep things clean.

If you’re not sure how rooms for two or more kids would work for your household, keep reading. We’re breaking down some unique solutions for everyday problems that room sharing can create.

Use That Vertical Space

The first thing you need to know when you’re trying to put two kids in the same room is how to utilize the vertical space. And while bunk beds are certainly one option for this, they’re far from the only one.

When you’re trying to stick two kids in a contained area, you need to get comfortable with using the wall space as much as you can. Line every wall with shelves or storage systems. This makes things easier to find and it provides much-needed storage without taking up too much space in the room.

If you’ve got two kids who are of very different ages, store the things for the smaller child on the lower shelf and the things for the older child on the higher one. This will help to ensure that your little one doesn’t get into anything they shouldn’t while sharing a room.

Think Outside of the Closet

Closet space in any area of your house is a hot commodity and it goes quick. And when you’re trying to make rooms for two kids work, closet space is even more precious.

That’s why when it comes to putting two kids in one room, you need to think of ways to store clothes that are outside of the closet. Unique storage situations like bins on a high shelf will come in handy when closet space gets eaten up.

It’s also worth it to spend some time organizing the closet space you do have. Set up shelves for each kid and neatly label them so there’s no confusion as to who’s clothes go where.

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Speaking of neat labels, there’s no better time to teach your kids how to neatly organize their things than when they’re trying to share a room.

You should set clear boundaries for each child so they know what space is theirs, what space is their siblings, and what areas are okay to use for shared things. While sharing a room can be a great bonding experience, it’s important that everyone knows that they have space too.

Have organization solutions in place so that your kids can put their things away. One kid with a messy room is bad enough, but two in one room can spell disaster. And running into the constant fight of “but they made the mess, not me!” is not something anyone wants to do.

If your kids are naturally on the messy side, it’s time to teach them the value of cleaning up their things!

Don’t Be Afraid to Toss

Another thing that’s important to remember when it comes to sharing rooms is that less is more. All too often we buy our kids all the latest toys and clothes only to find that they’re playing with the tried and true favorites. The other things get left in the toybox or worse, on the floor.

There’s nothing wrong with periodically going through your child’s things with them and deciding to get rid of some things. Stuff that’s in good condition should be donated and anything that’s broken or missing pieces should be tossed.

Room Dividers

One great solution to having two kids who need their own space in one room is putting room dividers in. They’re an easy solution that can create a quick boundary between two spaces. This allows for some convenient cooldown areas after a fight and many of them can be easily folded up and put to the side to create more room.

Get Creative with Storage

You need to find clever storage solutions when you have kids sharing rooms. Nothing is off limits. Stick bins and totes under their beds, lining the walls, above the door frame.

The more places you have available for your kids to store their things, the more likely they are to use it and keep everything neat.

A Bed Solution

Bunk beds aren’t the only option when it comes to rooms for two kids. They’re a great solution if they’re right for you, but there are some other options to look at.

Trundle beds can be a good option if you think your kids won’t mind tucking the smaller bed away every day. This is a great way to provide more wall space for storage without sacrificing an extra bed in the room all day long.

Raised beds, where there is space for a desk or a play area underneath, are another great option if you want more floor space for little ones to play or older kids to study.

And if your kids are young enough, bedsharing is always a thought!

Rooms for Two: Room Sharing Without the Headache

Trying to organize rooms for two kids can be a difficult thing. You don’t realize how much stuff your kids have until you’re trying to cram it all into one space. But if your kids are willing to put in the work to keep their things clean, and you don’t mind a little incidental clutter, it can be a smooth transition.

And besides, sharing a room with your sibling is a life experience every kid should get!

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