Baby Nursery Essentials: 7 Items Your Infant’s Room Needs

baby nursery

Planning your baby nursery should be one of the most exciting and fun parts of your pregnancy. But the cost of items for your nursery can add up quickly and take a lot of the joy out of the process. 

Before you begin outfitting your nursery with all the bells and whistles, let’s make sure that you’ve covered the basics. Read on to learn about the nursery essentials that your baby needs.

1. A Great Crib and Plus Bedding

Buying a sturdy crib for your child to sleep in is a great way to give them a sense of security and comfort. Make sure you select a crib that has good safety ratings.

Your baby may be in their crib as much as sixteen hours a day, so make sure that you choose a crib that is comfortable. 

You also want to choose a crib that allows you to see your baby easily. If you have a baby monitor, but there are blind spots in your child’s crib, then it won’t be very helpful.

Select a crib that has bars so that you can see in and make sure it is visible on all four sides so that you won’t have to enter your nursery all of the way in order to check on your child.

The bedding that you select for your child’s crib is also important. Make sure that you buy a waterproof mattress cover so that you can wipe it down if your child has an accident. 

The sheets that you buy should be high quality and organic so that they don’t irritate your baby’s skin.

2. A Changing Table

When you’re choosing a changing table for your nursery, it’s all about the height. Try to select a model that is a height that everyone can use, even your baby sitter when they come over.

You also want to choose one that is tall enough that you won’t have to bend down too much in order to change nappies. It will save you a lot of strain on your back.

3. Good Storage Options

Once you have your child, you will be amazed at how much stuff you need to cram into your nursery. Try to come up with some creative storage options.

You can always buy benches, bookcases, and dressers to store items like toys, clothes, and books. You can also purchase a new closet organizer so that you are able to keep more things in your closet.

4. A Reading Corner

Having a place in your nursery to read with your child is a great way to bond with them and introduce them to the lifelong joy of learning. 

Make sure that you set up a reading corner in your nursery with a nice rocking chair, bookcase, and reading lamp so that you have a special place to end the day with your baby. It’s a great way to create a routine and make bedtime just a little bit easier.

5. A Solid Rocking Chair

Having a great rocking chair in your nursery is a must, particularly if you will be breastfeeding. You need a place where you can sit down and be with your child while your body is in a supported posture.

A rocking chair is also great for babies who enjoy movement and motion. You can rock your child to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. 

6. A Decorative Mobile

Putting a mobile in your nursery is one of the most fun places to use your creativity. If you know the sex of your baby, you could design a mobile with a gendered theme in mind.

Or, you can use a nature theme like under-the-sea or hanging a flock of paper cranes to twist and turn from the ceiling. Your baby will delight in the spectacle.

You can also purchase a traditional baby mobile that can be hung over their crib and many of them come with the ability to play a nice song.

7. Versatile Lighting Options

When you are raising a baby, you will need to have several different options for lighting in their room. First, there is the overhead light that you will turn on when you need to find something. This could be for retrieving pacifiers from the places they’ve fallen or trying to locate the tiny sneakers your aunt gave you that just might fit now.

You will also need a tabletop lamp with a nice wattage lightbulb for when you are changing your baby in the middle of the night or reading to them in your reading nook. This is a great place to get creative and find a decorative option.

Finally, you will need a nightlight to light the room while you are gone and cast a warm, safe glow. Make sure you select a nightlight that is bright enough that you can see your child on your baby monitor if you have one with a camera.

Where to Find Furniture for Your Baby Nursery

Decking out your baby nursery with the best furniture and gadgets is a popular habit of new moms and dads. Make sure that you shop for the big and necessary items first before investing in little items to decorate your nursery and make your job as a new parent easier. 

That way, you will have enough to spend on the most important things. When you’re ready to start shopping, check out our great deals on top of the line nursery furniture sets.